Europa Park Fire Destroys Rides, Themed Area


Sad news out of Europa Park today as a major fire destroys an entire themed area including the beloved Piraten in Batavia ride. Sources indicated the fire started within the warehouse housing Piraten and spread quickly. According to EPFans, Europa Parks official fanclub, the following have been destroyed:.

– Piraten in Batavia
– Bamboe Baai
– Fashion World CAMP DAVID & SOCCX
– Fjord-Restaurant
– Skandinative Geschicklichkeitsspiele
– Waiting area of the Panorama Bahn

No injuries have been reported as over 500 emergency services responded. More info to come.

Image sources: @ep_sprecher (Twitter), @eftelflags (Twitter), remaining pics via unknown source

UPDATE May 27, 2018 @ 11:24

Update: as crews continue to clean up the affected areas, Europa Park will open as planned today (obviously with affected areas closed). The Sunday show ‘Immer wieder Sonntags’ will also continue as planned.

There were minor injuries due to smoke inhalation to a couple fire fighters and staff, but no guests were injured.

UPDATE May 27, 2018 @ 18:34

A further update on the fire at Europa Park:

Three fire fighters were lightly injured with smoke inhalation.

The themed areas of Holland and Scandinavia are either closed/destroyed including the following attractions:

– Koffiekopjes
– Piraten in Batavia (Destroyed)
– Panoramabahn (Update: Re-opened)
– Dschungel-Flossfahrt
– Monorail (Update: Re-opened)
– Fjord-Rafting (Partially Destroyed — Troll cave under the Fjord-Restaurant)
– Reise Nach Rulantica – Preview Center
– Andersens MĂ€rchenturm (Destroyed)
– Vineta / Sunken City (Destroyed)
– DĂ„sekast Games (Destroyed)

As well as the following restaurants/stores:

– Bamboe Baai (Destroyed)
– Fjord Restaurant (Destroyed)
– Molencafe
– Colonial Food Station (Update: Re-opened)
– Foodloop (Update: Re-opened)
– Friethuys
– Fashion World CAMP DAVID & SOCCX (Destroyed)
– Haithabu (Destroyed)
– Europa-Park Souvenir Shop (Destroy (Destroyed)ed)
– Fishkuset Mermaid (Destroyed)
– Is Deel (Destroyed)

It was previously rumored that the Norwegian Stave Church was also affected, however that is not the case.

Additionally, the Europa Park website is once again functioning, however the App cannot be updated with ride wait times and show times.

UPDATE May 27, 2018 @ 18:34

Update: Monorail, Panoramabahn, Foodloop and Colonial Food Station have reopened.

Additionally, user @phen_ow on Twitter just posted an overview photo of the damage to Piraten in Batavia.